I'm an actor who was born in the woods of Pennsylvania, moved to New York for school, hung out there for five years afterwards, and now lives in Los Angeles. I also write. More about those things down below. My heroes are Parker Posey, Andy Samberg, Ben Stiller, and Eugene Levy.


I've appeared in some stuff you might know about and a lot of stuff you probably don't. I played the lead role in a film called "Hollidaysburg," which was directed by Anna Martemucci and produced by Chris Moore, Zachary Quinto, Neal Dodson, Josh Shader, Josh Hetzler, and Julie Buck. It was part of a docuseries called "The Chair" on STARZ. The movie is delightful and the series is spectacular. Check out both.

After doing a bunch of regional Shakespeare and musicals, I moved into television work, with roles in "All My Children," "Power," "Master of None," and "Eye Candy."

I've staged and filmed my own work with some crackerjack creative partners. My friend Becky Abrams and I put up shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC which were compressed versions of 80s cinema classics. I write and shoot sketch comedy. 

I've trained with great teachers at Columbia University in NYC, at the UCB in New York and Los Angeles, and at the BGB Studio in Los Angeles as well. I'm a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.


A few of my favorite screenplays and TV pilots that I’ve completed:

  • “DIASPORA”: A wealthy ne’er-do-well is court-ordered to teach Hebrew School.

  • "LOVEMAN": A screenplay about a cross-dressing 9 year-old growing up amidst the weirdness of central Pennsylvania in the dead of winter. Autobiographical in nature, folks.

  • "THE NORMAL ONE": Stuck in Orlando, a former second-string boy band member strives for redemption amongst his former boy band mates.

Here's my page at "Signature Reads," which includes all my work while at "Word and Film"-- Penguin Random House's website about the intersection of Film and Literature. Good stuff in there.

And here's a fictional movie review of "Wilderness," the film where Annette Bening finally plays Hillary Clinton in the woods after the election.