Here are some nice things that some nice folks said about my work and the work of my castmates in "Hollidaysburg"

Gary Goldstein, LA Times

"'s smart, warm and authentic — one of the better youth comedies of the last few years...It's amusing, moving, well-played stuff...the swell cast includes Tobin Mitnick as the popular Scott, now a UCLA transplant; Claire Chapelli as his conflicted girlfriend, Heather, who suddenly likes Scott's weed-selling best bud, Petroff (Tristan Erwin); and Rachel Keller, delightful as the admittedly uncool but adorable Tori, who becomes Scott's fleeting port in the storm."

Chris Packham, The Village Voice (Critic's Pick)

"...darn good "Hollidaysburg" is interested less in close-ups than in the reactions her young adult characters have to each other as they share the frame...Martemucci intertwines these stories gracefully, and with the charm and charisma of her cast, makes clever banter and script contrivances seem completely natural and unaffected."

David Noe, Film Journal International

"Director Anna Martemucci obviously has a deep love and understanding for her characters...there are enough bright and well-observed aspects of Hollidaysburg to make it one of the better coming-of-age sagas of late...Mitnick has a strong presence, which coupled with his darkly saturnine looks, makes him a fit central protagonist."